Things to Expect During The First Orthodontist Consultation

The most important step of improving your smile is the first appointment with an orthodontist. It is normal to feel nervousness or fear during the days leading up to your appointment.

Do you have questions about what to expect from your first consultation with a Hamilton Orthodontics specialist? Don’t worry; you can find all the information about our initial consultation on our website. For a complete guide, continue reading.

History Of Dental And Medical Conditions
Your orthodontist will ask you for information about your medical and dental history. Both are important. You should ensure that all information you provide is correct.

During an examination, the orthodontist will examine all your dental records. It helps determine your last visit to a dentist when your last x-rays were taken and any other pertinent information about your oral health. You will be asked to provide your general medical history if necessary with this information to help your orthodontist decide on your treatment.

Oral and Imaging Examination

The next step in consultation with an orthodontist involves an oral exam and imaging. An oral exam allows your orthodontist the opportunity to find any issues that are not noted in your records. Let’s say you have a cavity that needs to be filled before braces are placed.

The examination includes the below

  • It is recommended to have an oral examination with hand tools.
  • Dental putty is used to mold your teeth.
  • Dental imaging in the form of x-rays to take images of your teeth and jaw.
  • Before proceeding to the next stage, an oral exam and digital imaging will determine the type of dental care needed.

Treatment Plan

After that, your dentist will discuss possible treatment options to help you achieve your perfect smile. Each person’s dental needs and problems are different. A customized treatment plan will be made to meet your needs. They will determine the best plan for you based on your expectations, budget, treatment duration, and expected outcomes.

Before you move forward with your treatment, dentists want to ensure that you fully understand what to expect. Before answering your questions, your orthodontist will allow you to take the time to think through the options. Your orthodontist will answer all your questions and help you if you have any concerns.

We may provide information to you about the service you will be receiving. These materials are usually in the form of a brochure and are very useful. You can also take them home to read whenever you feel like it. If you are taking your child to the dentist for the first time, you can read more here about such first-time visits.

Book Your Next Appointment
After your initial consultation, your dentist will set up an appointment to start the treatment plan you have selected. If you don’t have any dental work before the treatment, you can schedule an appointment. In most cases, it is possible to get the information right away after your first consultation.

It is a quick and easy process. So don’t delay!. Get yourself or your child onto the track towards a better smile.

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