Healthcare Interpretation Network holds a number of values that dictates the work our organization promotes. We have provided a chart outlining our values, the actions we take in order to meet our values, and to meet our overall objective of ACCESS:

Values: Actions:
Advocacy: We will advocate for the removal of language access barriers in health care delivery institutions across the health care continuum.
Collaboration: We will support the organization and development of an interpreter based membership association through partnership, fundraising, and providing resources for the education and training of qualified language interpreters and translators.
Commitment to Excellence: We will facilitate professionalization of the language services field by providing education and training for language interpretation and translation to promote excellent service delivery.
Equity: We will promote equitable access to health care through research and education on the need for language interpretation and translation services.
Solidarity: HIN members are united by the common purposes to promote both equitable access to health care and standardized education & professional standards of language interpretation and translation services in health care settings.
Sustainability: We will be accountable to ensure that HIN has an enduring legacy and ability to meet the ongoing challenge of promoting equitable access to health care.