Access to Primary Health Care (SAPHC)

The Health Care Interpreter Services: Strengthening Access to Primary Health Care (SAPHC) project was built on the premise that effective communication is essential to health care quality and access. The Healthcare Interpretation Network (HIN) and Critical Link Canada became increasingly aware that the health of people with Limited English and French Proficiency (LEP/LFP) is compromised by their limited communication with health care providers.

Health care services in Canada are being delivered in an increasingly multicultural, multilingual environment as newcomer settlement in Canada continues. The current patchwork of interpreter services and different levels of understanding of the need for effective communication in health care has led to inconsistencies in how language barriers are addressed in health care settings. Canadian residents with LEP/LFP do not have the same access to universal health care enjoyed by other residents, and the quality of the care they receive may suffer.

HIN and Critical Link Canada are committed to the goal of improving access to primary health care for patients with LEP/LFP. As a partnership, they created the Strengthening Access to Primary Health Care (SAPHC) project. Funded in 2003 by the Primary Health Care Transition Fund, Health Canada.

National Report:

SAPHC National Report

Rapport National (French Version):

MASSP Rapport National

Literature Review:

SAPHC Literature Review

Capstone Forum Summary Report May 31 – June 2:

SAPHC Capstone Forum Summary Report

HCIIEN Position Paper on Interpretation in Health Care in Toronto

In Collaboration with the Health Care Interpretation Information and Education Network (HCIIEN) published a position paper in 2002 prepared by Ruth Crammond. This document outlines the HCIIEN recommendations, why interpretation is important, the role of the government and legislation in the language industry, programs and practices, and standards for interpretation. If you are interested to read the document, please click on the link below.

HCIIEN Position Paper on Interpretation in Health Care in Toronto
HIN Environmental Scan Report

In response to the concerns of the Board of Directors, HIN conducted an Environmental Scan in order to redirect the focus of the organization and support the development of a strategic plan.