Healthcare Interpretation Network has published a number of reports, standards, training manuals, and other information for the benefit of interpreters and service providers alike. Two of the most popular documents include the National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services and A Handbook for Trainers: Language Interpreting in the Healthcare Sector.

The National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services

The electronic version of the NSGCIS is free. It can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services

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A Handbook for Trainers: Language Interpreting in the Healthcare Sector

Edited by Diana Abraham, Nelson Cabral and Anita Tancredi.

The Handbook was published by the Healthcare Interpretation Network – HIN

Toronto, Canada – 2004 – ISBN 0-9733820-0-7

Intended as a resource for educators and trainers of language interpreters in the health care sector, this handbook provides information on approaches to the design of a training program and includes material which may be moulded and adapted to meet the specific needs of training programs which range in length from 7 to 100 hours. The Handbook provides:

  • A framework for the Delivery for Interpretation Services in the Healthcare sector
  • Examples of strategies and tools which may be used in the recruitment, screen and selection of individuals to be trained as interpreters
  • An outline of the steps in the delivery of an interpreter training program, including a range of activities and exercises which address the constituent tasks of interpreting, and the skills and knowledge essential to the delivery of interpreting services in the healthcare sector
  • A variety of strategies which the interpreter trainees may use to maintain and increase their knowledge while enhancing the skills addressed in the training program

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About the editors:

  • Diana Abraham, MSW, is a former Senior Program Consultant with the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration where her 20-year career included the development of training curricula for community interpreters working in the social service, legal and health care sectors.
  • Nelson Cabral, M.Ed. is the current manager of Business Development in Language Services at Access Alliance Multicultural Community Health Centre, where his responsibilities included the recruitment, screening and training of community interpreters working in a diverse range of settings in the healthcare sector.
  • Anita Tancredi has a BA in Italian and Spanish and has been a Staff Medical Interpreter at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto since 1988