HIN’s Communications Committee published Newsletters until 2008.
The purpose of the HIN Newsletter was to provide a vehicle to serve as a link between the HIN membership in the spaces between the Network Meetings.
Like the topics addressed in the meetings, we envisioned a publication which addressed areas of interest and issues of concern to both HIN membership and those members of the healthcare community who are committed to working towards the recognition of the importance of trained healthcare interpreters in the delivery of services to the patient populations with limited proficiency in English.
We also wanted a forum for the presentation and discussion of issues that concern interpreter practitioners in the healthcare sector, as well as the administrators of interpreter services in the sector and those agencies and organisations who deliver the services to the sector.
When the committees were disbanded, The communications committee stopped the development of the newsletter. The most up to date newsletters are available below for reference.
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Click on the link below for past newsletters:

HIN Newsletter Spring ’08

Community interpreting at the 2007 AILIA Showcase

HIN Newsletter Autumn ’07

HIN Newsletter Spring ’07