Interpreter Training

Language Interpreter Training Certificate Program (LITP)

This introductory 180 hour (six 30 hour credit subjects) Certificate program is intended to train interpreters to work in various settings including health care, social services and the legal system.
  • Introduction to Spoken Language Interpreting
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Skills Development – Sight Translation
  • Skills Development – Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Setting Specific Interpreting
  • Capstone Course, Skills Integration

Interpretation Training Course Description

College Training Programs

College Website Brochure
Seneca College Seneca College Website Seneca LITC
Mohawk College Mohawk College Website Mohawk College LITC
Niagara College Niagara College Website Niagara College LITC
St Clair College St Clair College Website Language Interpreter Graduate Summary St. Clair College
Conestoga College Conestoga College Website
Humber College Humber College Website
Sheridan College Sheridan College Website